Family Connection Board Members

FC Board Position Name Organization Work Phone
FC Chair Jim Poindexter Hospice of Georgia  
FC Chair-Elect      
FC Finance Chair Margaret Jacobs Wayne County Literacy Alliance 912-980-8407
FC Fiscal Agent / Employing Agent Rep.  Mark Priester Principal, Jesup Elementary  
Voting Members Of The Board Of Directors
Faith Based Jim Elliott Altamaha Baptist Association 912-427-4991
Consumer Representative Jim Poindexter Hospice of Georgia 912-588-0080
County Government   Wayne County Rec. Dept. 912-427-5915
Family Representative Vanessa Johnson American Cancer Society 912-402-9814
At-Large l Steve Davidson Georgia Dept. of Public Health 912-588-2562
Media Drew Davis The Press- Sentinel 912-427-3757
City of Jesup   City of Jesup 912-427-1313
At-Large ll Susan DeLeGal Web Electronics, Inc. 912-530-8346
DFCS Nancy Walters DFCS 912-482-5866
County  Extension Kaye Lynn Hataway            County Extension Office 912-427-5965
City of Odum Karen Howard City of Odum 912-583-2211
Altamaha Tech Foundation Melinda Laager Altamaha Technical College 912-427-5818
Department of Labor   Georgia Dept. of Labor 912-427-5846
Dept. of Juvenile Justice Larry Priester Dept. of Juvenile Justice 912-427-5846
Chamber of Commerce   Wayne County Chamber Amb. 912-427-2028
Pineland Mental Health John Benner Pineland Mental Health 912-427-4491
Wayne Memorial Hospital Helen Raczkowski Wayne Memorial Hospital 912-427-6811
Law Enforcement Glenn Takaki Jesup Police Dept. 912-427-1300
City of Screven Nelda Simmons Parent Involvement WC Board of ED 912-427-1000
Industry   Rayonier 912-588-8000
Jesup Housing Authority Tempie Anderson Jesup Housing Authority 912-427-2535
Public Health Department Stacie Drew Wayne Co. Public Health Dept. 912-427-2024
Non-Voting Members of the Board of Directors
Advisor Helen Aberle District Attorney's Office 912-427-6379
Family Connection Facilitator Celeste Orr Family Connection Partnership 478-308-0262
Family Connection Executive Director Lana Wright Family Connection Ex. Dir. 912-810-0101